Care Ministries

Are you a part of the Grace family? Do you actively attend and serve with Grace ministires? We're here for you! 

When you are going through a difficult season of life, your Community Group is your best support system!  We want to encourage you to find community in the church; attend Celebrate Recovery or join a Community Group.

Premarital/Marital Mentoring

Request Premarital/Marital Mentors

Meet with a mentor couple who can help you navigate the waters and help you grow closer as a couple. Start the Process

Become a Mentor

Have you been married at least 5 years and are willing to share what you have learned along the way? Sign Up Here

Not sure whether Marriage Mentoring or Marriage Counseling is better for you and your spouse? Here's a little more info:


Grace offers a program where we match a mentee couple (you and your spouse) with a mentor couple for a 6 session 'course'.  You and your spouse take assessments through Prepare & Enrich and then we match you with a mentor couple.

Your mentors will take you out to dinner, get to know you, and then begin talking through some strength and growth with you.  Our hope is that marriage mentoring will not only keep costs low for you but also aid in providing lasting relationships and encouragement.  

*If our mentors are unable or ill-equipped to navigate a particular situation or crisis, or if a couple elects not to do the mentoring track, we refer to professional counseling offices.   


  • $135 (Prepare & Enrich Assessment Fee- $35)
  • $100 (Mentoring Fee)


  • Flexible
  • 6 sessions with your mentor couple

Counseling Referral-

Attached above is a referral list of counselors and offices that note each offices' specialties.


  • approx. $40-100 per session (depending on the counseling office and/or counselor


  • dependent on office hours and availability


People often come to us for counsel during a marital or family conflict, tragedy, grief, and for abuse recovery, decision making, spiritual renewal, etc. We want to support and encourage you through these times! 

Please fill out this Counseling Request to have someone from Care Ministries reach out to you.

Grace also refers to trusted counseling offices in our area through our Counseling Referral List

Have an appointment already? Please print, fill out, and bring our Getting to Know You form to your first appointment!

Celebrate Recovery

Do you struggle with a hurt, habit or hang-up? 

In today’s world many people struggle with issues that they have a hard time overcoming alone. If you struggle with a hurt, habit, or hang-up of any kind, then Celebrate Recovery is for you. This is a strictly confidential group that meets weekly at the Lynnhaven Campus (childcare is provided). 

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Want to request a Grace Officiant?  Wish to Have Your Wedding at Grace? 

Please submit below form(s) and necessary fees to the Care Ministry Assistant (

Note: If using a Grace officiant or if you are having your wedding at Grace, you must complete premarital mentoring or counseling.


We want to serve and care for our military families here at grace. We have assistance areas as well as ways you can servce in our Military Ministry.

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Other Need

Are you a part of the Grace family? Do you actively attend and serve with Grace Ministires? We're here for you!  Below are a few examples of ways we partner with our Grace family. Let us know your specific need by completing our Assistance Request form

  • Financial Assistance - We want to support you in a time of financial crisis please submit our and Community Care Assistance Request and include applicable invoice(s). 
  • Illness, Hospital Visitation - We have pastors and pastoral volunteers who want to meet and pray with you and your family during this time.
  • Card of Encouragement or Prayer - We would love to know if you have recently added to your family (through birth or adoption), if you are recovering from surgery or illness, recently lost a loved one, or just need comfort during a time of transition or hardship. 

If you have a heart of compassion and would like to join on one of our care teams, please contact the Care Ministry Assistant at to learn more about our areas of service! 

Prayer Request

The elders desire to pray for you (James 5:13-18). Please contact the Care Ministry Assistant at to determine the next evening the elders will gather together for prayer.

Let us know how we can pray for you here.

Memorial/Funeral Service

We want to help you plan a service to celebrate the life of your loved one and bring comfort during this difficult time. Set up a meeting with the Care Ministry Assistant by emailing

Please provide us with important information with our Memorial Service Planning form

Make Care Ministry Better

Grace desires to love people well and get people connected in meanigful communities of those that will encourage in truth and grace!

If you see a large community need and don't know if it's being met at Grace, we would love to hear your ideas. We want to be good stewards of the resources that the Lord has given to us. If it is within our means and vision, we would love to talk to you! Please contact the Care Ministry Assistant at

And we need compassionate and capable volunteer leaders with a passion for serving others, so please consider being the driving force behind those things the Lord has put upon your heart.