Care Ministries

The primary source of care and support for those who regularly attend Grace is our Community Groups.  But we also offer the help that’s listed below.  For most of these cases, the first contact will be the church office, which can be reached at 757-496-5700 or


Have you been baptized?  If not, contact the church office.

Baptism is an act of obedience that every Christian should take seriously, and a powerful means of grace in our lives.  We would love to coach you to understand and experience the full potential of this great sacrament.  Children, students and adults will each meet with the leaders in their respective ministries. 


Compassion Team

Are you sick?  Contact the church office.

Want to request a hospital visit?  Fill out this visitation request form if the request is for you or an immediate family member only.

Want to request a meal?  Fill out this meal request form.

The key support for you during your illness is designed to come from your Community Group. However, if a Grace member is experiencing a hospital stay, chronic illness or a major life change the Compassion Team would love to assist.

Please remember the challenge in James 5:13-18 to call for the elders to pray.  The elders would love to do this for you at anytime.

Premarital/Marriage Mentoring

Are you getting married?  Check out the Grace Wedding Page

Are you already married?  Stregthen the bond by meeting with a Mentor couple who can help you navigate the waters and help you grow closer as a couple.  Start the process by filling out the Marriage Mentor form.

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor Couple?  Have you been married atleast 5 year and are willing to share what you have learned along the way?  Start the process by filling out the Mentor Couple form.



Do you need counsel?  Connect with a counselor.

People often come to us for counsel on a financial crisis, marital and family conflict, grief, decision making, spiritual renewal and issues like these and we're excited to help.  If you'd like to meet with a Grace counselor, fill out this counseling request form to set up an appointment.  Also, please bring this filled out form with you to the appointment.  We offer general pastoral counseling.  This is usually one session, after which we will recommend the next step. 

Financial Help

Do you need help financially?  Connect with the Community Care ministry.

If you’re a part of the family of Grace, we want to support you in a time of financial crisis.  If you contact the church office, they can put you in touch with the Community Care ministry who can help assess your need and offer various types of support.

Struggling with a Hurt, Habit or Hang-Up

Do you struggle with a hurt, habit or hang-up?  Check out Celebrate Recovery on Monday Nights!

In today’s world many people struggle with issues that they have a hard time overcoming alone.  If you struggle with a hurt, habit or hang-up of any kind, then Celebrate Recovery is for you.  They are a strictly confidential group that meet at the Lynnhaven Campus on Monday's from 6-9 pm and childcare is provided. 

Stephen Ministry: Walking through a Difficult Season

Are you going through a difficult time?  Connect with a Stephen Minister.

Have you lost a loved one?  Are you in a marriage or family crisis?  Have you lost your job?  Are you struggling with loneliness or discouragement?  For crises such as losing a loved one, losing a job, loneliness, discouragement or family crises, we have people called Stephen Ministers who have been trained to listen, care and be a good friend to you in your difficult time.  You can learn more at the Stephen Ministry info page.

Death in the Family

Have you had a death in the family?  Connect with a pastor.

We want to help you plan a service to celebrate the life of your loved one and bring comfort during this difficult time. Contact the church office and they’ll set up an appointment for you to meet with a pastor who can help you with this.


Would you like someone to coach you spiritually?  Connect with a mentor.

Christianity is not an individual sport.  We all need help.  If you desire to grow spiritually, then contact the church office and we would love to connect you with a mentor to help you on your spiritual journey.

Can we pray for you?