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Our Grace Missionaries

Dr. John & Jennifer Balmer : Africa

What they’re doing: Training Pastors International (TPI) is an international ministry training program devoted to training national pastors throughout the world.  The Lord has recently focused their service in Africa. 

About:  Dr. John and Jennifer Balmer are located in Lynchburg, VA and travel throughout the world training national pastors.


Avie Carlisle : Sevastopol, Ukraine

What she’s doing:  The Lord has extended Avie’s initially intended one-year missionary commitment to decades of service.  She serves in a church in Sevastopol, which she helped start.

About:  Avie is a member of Tabernacle Church in Norfolk.  Grace has supported Avie for many years.


Gordon & Leslie Christian : Texas

What they’re doing:  Gordon & Leslie Christian are retired Wycliffe missionaries, living now in TX.  Gordon is involved in prison ministry.

About:  Gordon and Leslie have four sons: Jack, David, Blake and Jeff.


Carlton & Shannon Deal : Brussels, Belgium

What they’re doing:  Carlton and Shannon Deal serve with Christian Associates International in Brussels, Belgium and do church planting.

About: Carlton & Shannon have one daughter, Brittany, and one son, Parker, both young adults.


Vinny & Cathi DiGloria : Kilkenny, Ireland

What they’re doing:  Vinny and Cathi DiGloria are working in Kilkenny, Ireland as part of a gospel-renewal team with World Harvest Mission.

About: While Vinny ministers in the community as a Christian Counselor and mentor to church leaders, he also actively works toward expanding the much needed ministry of Christian Counseling in the nation through the Irish Association of Christian Counselors.  Cathi focuses on women’s studies and discipling relationships that allow for transformation through interaction with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Learn More Here about their ministry and how you can support them. 

Michael & Cheryl Gayle : Togo, West Africa

What they’re doing: Michael is an MD and Cheryl is also a health care provider.  Mike and Cheryl run a medical clinic and mobile clinics in Togo and are involved in many efforts to share the gospel with the people of Togo.

About: Mike and Cheryl serve with ABWE and have three grown children: Christinia, Nathanial, and Stephanie.



Nancy Hathaway : Ukraine

What they’re doing:   Heart for Orphans ministers to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of teen orphans in Ukraine who may otherwise be facing a life of crime, addiction, or prostitution.  Operating small family-style homes, Heart for Orphans provides refuge and permanent hope for teen orphans who have graduated from state orphanages.  Heart for Orphans equips the teens with life and trade skills in a Christ-centered environment.

About: Started with a vision from the Lord for the orphans of Ukraine that went far beyond the three that became part of President Nancy Hathaway’s family.  Currently five homes completed.  Two more on the way.  Fruit includes house members marrying and becoming house parents and mentors, themselves, and members becoming missionaries to other countries and peoples.  

Check out their website:

Jerusha Karraker : Eugene, OR

What she’s doing:  Campus Crusade at the University of Sydney.

Derek Mack : Huntington Beach, California

What he’s doing:  Derek and his wife Chloe work with Youth with a Mission coordinating events focused on reaching the lost and training believers on college campuses here in America and around the world. They have a passion to see the lost saved, and the saved sent out to the mission field.

About:  Derek is a member of Grace Bible Church and attended GBC during his youth and teenage years. 



Keith & Grace McCune : Phillippines

What they’re doing: Keith and Grace serve in the Philippines using their gifts of Bible translation, consulting, and training.

About: Keith and Grace are long-time members of Virginia Beach Community Chapel.  They have three grown children: Eden, Arwen , and Adam .


Dwight & Katie McGrew : Managua, Nicaragua

What they’re doing: Dwight and Katie are working with Alongside Ministries to share the gospel and disciple people in the Nicaraguan community.   God has given them the privilege of being missionaries to that community as well as making them a blessing to Grace Bible through Katie’s facilitation of our regular short-term missionary trips to Nicaragua.

About: Dwight and Katie have been married for 19 years and have spent the last 21 years in ministry together.  Dwight left a career as an architect to move his family to Nicaragua. They have 3 children: Joshua, Maggie, and William.

Check out their blog here: 


Volodya & Zhenya Slinkin : Krasnodar, Russia

What they’re doing:   Volodya & Zehnya Slinkin serve in Krasnodar, Russia through East West Ministries.   Volodya makes regular trips into the Arctic Circle to minister to the Khanty and Nenet unreached/unengaged people groups.  Years ago, the Lord led Boris to the Slinkins and Boris became the first Khanty believer and now serves passionately to reach the Nordic nations for Christ.

About: Volodya and Zehnya have one son, Ruslan (’05).  They attended New Life Bible College in Moscow and Biblical Leadership Training Center in Krasnodar.


Bill & Laine Teate : India

What they’re doing:  Grace Bible has partnered in multiple projects with Glad Tidings India to reach unreached people groups in India, such as the Yenadi and Yerukala, and the Dhruva and Adivasi.  Grace Bible’s involvement includes the financing of Bible purchases, and school and classroom construction for Bible-based literacy classes.  Hundreds have come to Christ through these partnerships, and church planters and evangelists continue to be raised up and go out to bear fruit.

About: Bill is President of Glad Tidings India.  Bill is married to Laine.  Laine provides administrative support to Bill as he guides the work of Glad Tidings India to provide financial and consulting support to national-led ministries in India, primarily India Bible Literature.  Glad Tidings works with U.S. churches to partner and fund projects through India Bible Literature to reach unreached and unengaged people groups in India.


Ed White : Global Projects

What he’s doing: Ed is President of Great Commission Resources (GCRI).  GCRI works to raise funds for special projects around the world that focus on advancing the gospel in remote regions and supporting persecuted believers.  GCRI also provides opportunities to meet the needs of pastors and believers through the purchase of  bikes, cows, chickens sowing machines, and similar items that meet particular needs.

About: Ed White lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with his wife Susan.  On a trip to Brazil, he began to see the value of indigenous missionaries, which led to his founding GCRI.


Larrys Mendoza: Nicaragua

What he's doing:  Larrys serves with Connect Nicaragua in Managua, Nicaragua.  He is involved with a young men's soccer program as well as assisting with other Connect Nicaragua programs.

Mirek and Olinka Klepacek: Czech Republic

What they are doing:  The Klepaceks are working with a local church in Cerna Hora, Czech Republic.  Church attendance here is very low and the hope is to increase church attendance and ministry to the people living in the area.

Klepacek´s had been involved with Word of Life Czech rep. since 2001, and from 2004 as missionary. Got married in 2006, and have 2 kids. Focusing on reaching Youth and supporting local churches in reaching Czech with Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. In Nov 2018 Mirek ended as chairman of WOL Czech. Beginning with Jan 2019 will be involved directly in local church ministry. Supporting and helping two local churches with their growth and outreach. The passion is same, to see people in Czech coming to Christ and grow in the Lord. The need is great and there is many open doors. Will help and support various ways our home church, and for second church will strive to provide solid teaching, church is without pastor about 10 years and need stable and regular teaching, support and encourage this way elders of the church, to see church grow spiritually and as result reaching their town.

Please pray for new direction in ministry.

Contact: miraklep (at)              

Troy Mack

About:  Troy is working with Youth With a Mission, a group called Circuit Riders. They do evangelistic and unity gatherings on university campuses across America and around the world. Troy has a passion for the nations and for the lost to be saved from every tribe, tongue, and nation, and for more and more people to be sent out to the mission field.

Jeff and Cookie Liverman

What they are doing:  Jeff & Cookie give international leadership to areas of strategy development, organizational oversight and movement consultation; helping the most unreached peoples around the world have the opportunity to know and experience the  love of Jesus. Additionally, they minister to people on Restoration Farm, a residential member care facility in central Virginia where cross-cultural workers come for spiritual renewal, rest, crisis related debrief, coaching and help in working through struggles that pose challenges to fruitful ministry. Our hope is that God's servants will find a place of warm hospitality as they seek spiritual rest and restoration. We work with our guests as they address root issues that may affect their effectiveness on the field.

About:  Jeff & Cookie grew up in the Tidewater area and were sent to the field in 1983 by the Virginia Beach Community Chapel.  With a deep commitment to serve God by being a blessing to those beyond the current reach of the Gospel, Jeff & Cookie and their two children moved to Central Asia. Over the next three decades of service among the unreached around the world,  Jeff & Cookie have continued learning and developing their skills in the areas of training, strategy, leadership, mobilization, church planting, team building, coaching and oversight. In 2004, a health issue prompted Jeff & Cookie to relocate to the International Office in the UK and later to the States. In all of these roles and in wherever the Lord has placed them, they continue to serve with a deep desire to see people transformed by the power of the Gospel and thrive spiritually particularly beyond the current reach of the Gospel.

Contact: or

phone: 434-264-2874

Nate and Kate Holloman

What they are doing:  Nate and Kate Holloman serve at the Word of Life youth camp in Czerna Hora, Czech Republic.  

We are a young family who are ministering to youth and their families in the Czech Republic through local church, camp, and outreach ministries. In doing so, we are using our gifts and talents in the fields of graphic design, illustration, sports and music for His glory. Over the years God has enlarged our hearts for evangelism and discipleship. We are eager to reach the lost with the Gospel and encourage believers to live for Christ! We know that the Lord has prepared us for this type of ministry and are excited to see what the Lord will do through our obedience and willingness. Please pray for our family as serve the Lord and minister to those He leads us to.