Step 1

The resources below, which include three parenting messages, we feel will really help you start right now, at the beginning, to do the things that will matter the most to you and your child in the future. These early years are incredibly important. Listening to this series and talking about it together with your spouse will be an investment of time that you will never regret.

  • MESSAGE 1:  Listen to Message  You are the spiritual leader in your home and your child’s greatest guide in understanding what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • MESSAGE 2:  Listen to Message  The most important relationship in your home is your marriage and its one that will lead to your child’s emotional health and confidence in life.
  • MESSAGE 3:  Listen to Message  When your children walk out your door to face their futures as adults, what are the values you will have instilled in them? This message will encourage you to really think with the end in mind.

This is by no means the complete word on parenting preschoolers. But it is an opportunity, an opportunity for you to be INTENTIONAL, an opportunity for you, at the very beginning of this new life, to begin with the end in mind. What do you hope they know and never forget?

This is not a guarantee that you will raise perfect children, but a promise that time WILL pass and you will be looking into the eyes of adults some day. What will you wish you had said or done from the very beginning to give them all of the tools they needed?

We would like for you and your spouse to listen to each message, talk about it together, and complete the homework.

Step 2

Once you have completed Step 1, you will attend a 30-minute orientation during one of our Sunday services. We will introduce you to Sonshine Island, our environment created especially for preschoolers. We will talk about the homework assignment from the third talk in STEP 1 and give you the information you need to sign up for our Baby Dedication Celebration.

Unless you are a single parent, it is important that both parents attend this orientation. You must complete STEPS 1 and 2 before your Baby Dedication Celebration date is confirmed. To register for STEP 2 (the orientation), please complete the Registration Information Page.

Step 3

The GRAND FINALE! Actually, it’s really just the beginning. Once you have completed STEPS 1 and 2, we would love for you and your family to participate with us in a time of DEDICATION and CELEBRATION.

Baby Dedication Celebration is about a commitment to put God first in your home and to trust in Him as your source of direction as you lead your family and parent your child. It is also a time for you and your spouse to share with your closest friends and family what is most important to you and to ask them for their prayer and support.

Our desire is that you will surround yourself with family and friends who will pray for you, support you, give you good advice, listen to your struggles, and when life gets tough, help you remember what matters most. We also hope that you will partner with us every Sunday by encouraging your child to fully participate with us as we create environments to lead him or her into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is also a time of CELEBRATION! A new baby has been born. God has created a new life in this world and that is definitely something to celebrate! You will enjoy cake and punch and take lots of pictures to mark this moment in time.

We want you to create an unforgettable memory of the promise that you’ve made to lead your child in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ with the people who are there to pray for you and support you as you raise this child.

Click here for more info on what you can expect at the celebration.