J1 Cafe

Did you know that thousands of international students, coming from the Ukraine, China, Turkey and other countries come to Virginia Beach each summer? Their travel is granted by a J1 Visa, which permits them to work for a short term. They primarily work at the hotels and restaurants at the oceanfront during the busy summer tourist season. 

A while ago, Virginia Beach Community Chapel saw this as a great opportunity to reach out, build bridges and befriend the nations right here in our own backyard! They started the "J1 Café," a weekly event Tuesday nights that includes a home cooked meal, games, activities, and a chance for students to learn more about Jesus. Other churches in the area have joined the fun, and Grace has loved being part of this ministry as well. We're especially excited to be involved this upcoming summer since the need for volunteers has increased. 

Kathy Luehman leads Grace's involvement in the J1 Café and would love to connect with you and share more about the opportunities there are to serve. She'd love more volunteers on the team to help with meals on Tuesday nights and to connect with the students. The students are eager to practice their English and in need of someone to be genuinely interested in their lives and stories. Because there are cross-cultural dynamics at play, we ask that interested volunteers connect with Kathy first instead of showing up at VBCC. Both you and the students will have a better experience when the vision and strategy of J1 Cafe are understood and embraced. 

If you're interested in learning more about the upcoming 2017 Cafe's, please email Kathy at klueh@cox.net.