Just like we've seen with David meeting Goliath, God has a vision for our lives, and oftentimes it's beyond what we can imagine!  Are you ready to discover yours?  The assessment test below is a powerful way to start.

SHAPE Gift Assessment

We're so blessed to have such great examples in our church of people who've said 'Yes' to God's vision for them!

Mandy Gift said 'Yes' to adopting a child from across the world. Now she's excited to get to share that vision and her experience with other interested families.  If the Lord may be putting that on your heart, please join her for an info meeting on Wednesday July 5, from 7:00-9:00pm at 928 Upper Hastings Way, Virginia Beach VA 23452 (RSVP to Mandy at

Clay Culbreth said 'Yes' to starting a ministry to to help the homeless. After seeing a documentary about how difficult it is for people struggling with homelessness to get a shower, he knew he could help and he did something about it.  Check out the video below to hear the Soap Chips story, or check out