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Request Premarital or Marital Mentoring:

Grace offers a program where we match a mentee couple (you and your fiance or spouse) with a mentor couple to work through Prepare & Enrich curriculum, focusing on relationship strength and growth areas. 

Our hope is that marriage mentoring will providing lasting relationships and encouragement.

*If our mentors are unable or ill-equipped to navigate a particular situation or crisis, or if a couple elects not to do the mentoring track, we refer to professional counseling offices (please see counseling tab for more information).   


  • $35 (Prepare & Enrich Couple's Assessment Fee)
  • $100 (Mentoring Fee)


  • Flexible (based on you and your mentor couple's schedules)
  • Preferably completed within 6 months
  • 6 sessions 

To request premarital or marital mentoring, please fill out the form below:


Serve as a Marriage Mentor

Have you been married at least 5 year and are willing to share what you have learned along the way? Please consider joining our mentoring team! 

Take the assessment, go through Prepare & Enrich training, and begin helping married couples (or soon-to-be married couples) that you have been prayerfully matched with. 

Begin the Process Here


  • $35 (Prepare & Enrich Couple's Assessment Fee) 


  • Flexible (based on you and your mentee couple's schedules)
  • 6 sessions of Prepare & Enrich curriculum with the couple you are matched with
  • Initial training is usually held once a year or when the need arises
  • Choose to mentor as many couples as you'd like and rest when you need to