Care Packages

We are so thankful for the brave military men and women who serve in the military, and we’d love to encourage them through care packages when they are away from home.  If you are deploying or have a loved one who is deploying, please sign up for Military Care Packages

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Can we pray for you? 

We have a team of people who would love to pray for your needs daily.  

Please feel free to share your prayer needs here. 


Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs

We know military life can forever alter your life, both as a veteran or as a spouse or family member.  PTSD, deployments, injuries and combat trauma can leave families broken and unsure where to turn.   So we’re so excited to tell you about the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, a non-profit with a mission to “assist our nation’s military Warriors and families find a new life purpose through a hope in Christ, after enduring hardship through their service to America.

The Mighty Oaks Foundation is committed to serving the brokenhearted by providing intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs, outpost meetings, and speaking events. It hosts such Men, Women, Mentorship and Marriage Advance Programs at multiple locations nationwide. The Warriors who attend are fully sponsored for training, meals, and lodging needs to ensure that upon arrival to the ranch, each Warrior is focused solely on his or her recovery and identifying purpose moving forward.”
Since each Mighty Oaks leader has experienced the tragedy and hardships associated with the military, they’re able to connect in a unique way with you and your family.  If you’re struggling with any hardship that military life can bring, we strongly recommend connecting with this ministry.  



Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront is able to help military families overcome many of the challenges inherent in military life. The result is stronger, more stable, and more secure military families. Their programs include:

Short-Term Critical Assistance (Relief)

  • Financial assistance* for food, utilities, home repairs, rent/mortgage payments, etc.
  • Rent-free transitional housing for wounded service members

Long-Term Stability (Resiliency)

  • Mortgage-free homes awarded across the U.S.

Recurring Family Support

  • Hearts of Valor caregiver support program
  • Baby showers to help new military moms welcome the newest member of the family
  • Homefront Celebrations to recognize military spouses
  • Holiday programs to provide meals and toys
  • Backpacks filled with school supplies for military kids

Learn More about Operation Homefront.