Serve The World

God's grace is changing lives here, and around the world.  Because of that, we're compelled to engage with the global church. As we come alongside individuals and organizations that are working hard to love their neighbors and make Jesus known on an international scale, we know there's tremendous potential for our own hearts and worldviews to be challenged and transformed. Take a step with us and explore how God might challenge and use you to make a difference, globally.


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Note - Deposits can be paid on line at or by check made payable to Grace Bible Church.  Deposits are non-refundable.

What Do We Do on Trips?

This is a great question, and it's the one we get most often. While there's a great deal of variation between teams and destinations, there are some variables that will remain constant for every Serve and Learn Trip. Our trip model is not a lone-ranger approach--we don't scout out a location and drop in unannounced. Both of our locations, Togo and Nicaragua, represent long-term partnerships with missionaries and indigenous pastors. Each trip leader works with the in-country missionary to plan the itinerary based on the needs of the ministry and the community there. Within Togo, the work aspect will revolve around the hospital and its needs, and may also extend to the local church in the area. Within Nicaragua, there's more variation. Teams have hosted baseball camps, vacation Bible school camps, men's outreach nights, women's Bible study groups, leadership development groups, and business classes alongside our local church partners. You will spend time with the locals, sometimes with a translator and sometimes without. You'll probably play with kids, you'll probably do in-home visits, you'll worship at the local church, and your team may do a work project. 
As your trip team comes together, you'll meet at least a couple times before leaving. You'll get to know each other and will get a better sense of your specific team's plans and goals. 
A typical day might look something like this: 
  • Morning: breakfast and team devotions
  • Head out to community you're working with (examples: Togo--to the hospital; Rio Blanco--to the Verbo Church, or a nearby neighborhood) 
  • Start on "project" 
  • Lunch with team 
  • Afternoon: connect with church members or community members through outreach or work projects or in-home visits
  • Evening: dinner and team debrief 


Your trip cost will depend on your destination, length of stay and cost of tickets. You can fundraise to help offset the cost of your trip.  Most team members who decided to fund raise are successful, these are regular people like you and me--students, police officers, teachers, sailors, bus drivers. Raising funds is a faith-stretching adventure, and it will give you the challenge to share your story, what God's calling you to, with people who may not share your faith. We've heard many God stories from fundraising endeavors of the team members! 
We want to help you. The team leaders are happy to share fundraising ideas with you!

Why Should I Go?

We believe God is laboring hard to reconcile the world to himself through Jesus Christ and, as scandalous as it sounds, that he has invited us to join him in the work! When we go on a Serve and Learn Trip, our eyes are opened to the bigger story-- God's redemptive work that extends far beyond our four walls, our church and our city. We believe if you'll go on a trip you will be stretched beyond your capacity and that God will meet you and change you in that brokenness. We believe you have something to offer your teammates and the people you're going to serve--maybe it's your labor skills and work ethic, your willingness to play soccer all day, your medical service, your heart to listen and perhaps share your story, or simply your sense of humor. You have something to offer and you may not even know it! We cherish our history and our friendships with our missionary and pastor partners and we think you'll be deeply encouraged in your faith as you get to know them as well. There's so much we can learn from our Togolese and Nicaraguan brothers and sisters in Christ. 
If you're sensing God's leading, we don't want you to miss it. 

Sponsor a Child

For as little as one dinner out a month, you can help lift a child out of poverty in Jesus' name. Grace has had a long-time partnership with Compassion International and is thrilled to partner with their work. Eric got to visit their children centers in Rwanda in January 2016 and see their work firsthand. Each year, we host Compassion Sunday but you don't have to wait for our next Compassion Sunday to start sponsoring a child. You can also download Compassion International's Compassion Explorer magazine for children. It's loaded with stories of children from other countries, games, activities and recipes of international food.  

Missions Newsletters

When you sign up to receive our bimonthly missions newsletters, you'll receive the latest encouraging reports from our Serve & Learn team members and supported missionaries. You'll hear about upcoming missions events and meetings, and any opportunities to serve locally. 

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